More than 50 refugees from the Diciotti World News disappeared from the reception centers without a trace

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Migrants on the Diciotti.

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More than 50 out of the total of 177 migrants detained on a ship from the Italian coast guard Diciotti for ten days have gradually disappeared from following reception centers. The newspaper La Repubblica reported.

On social networks it was ironically commented by Minister of Interior Affairs Matteo
Salvini, who could not get up the displaced from the ship and who is
because of this now criminal prosecution.

"More than 50 immigrants who have landed from Diciotti, so much
, Required protection, food and accommodation to decide to leave
(from the receiving center) and disappear! I have not kept them (on the ship)
yet? "said Salvini." It is the fifth proof that not everyone,
what comes to Italy is simply bone and sheet and they flee the war
and hunger, "he added.

"If only one of them has committed a crime, who will endure it
responsibility? The end of uncontrolled migration and Instant Maritime
blockade, "wrote Giorgia Meloni, who is on the Brazilian side.
AFP, this political group, such as the Salvini League,
to the far right.

The migrants, especially Eritreans, save the Italian coast at sea
patrol & # 39; night on August 16th. Salvini landed in the Sicilian port
Catania made it dependent on the distribution of the states of the Union among them. on
a decade later decided to accept roughly Albania and Ireland
of the twenty refugees and the rest promised to take care of the Italian Catholic

Rescuers: We have marked 27 bones

Salvini is now being prosecuted for illegal detention,
misuse of powers, neglect of the performance of the Office, deliberate restrictions
personal freedom and pressure on the institutions of the European Union to maintain
reallocation of migrants. This case is about a special one
a court that deals with the crimes committed by members of the government. According to Italian
of the Penal Code is threatened with up to 30 years in prison.

From the ship they could get out of prison in the night of 23 August.
"We have raised 27 bones", the rescuers said. "Najchudší
of them weighing 30 kilos, "she added.

"All migrants who disembark from the Diciotti ship are malnourished and tired.
Many have stated that they were in the Libyan camps
jailed for years. Smugglers robbed, beat and tortured them and then
families have asked for ransom, "said an international spokesperson at the end of August
Migration Organization (IOM) Joel Millman.

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