More than two million Muslims go to Mecca: hundreds of people die each year

During the opening day of the Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, Mekke rounds off in the Great Mosque around the harsh building of Kaba, one of the most sacred places of Islam, and performs various rituals in the footsteps of the prophets from Mohammed and Abraham [VijfzestignamiddageneenvandevijfzuilenMoslimpelgrimsindemijne"id="1634011"border="0"style="width:454px;"/>

Source: SITA

Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars in its revenues from the Mumbai. (19659006) The most serious of recorded history occurred only three years ago – 24 September 2015 killed at least 2426 people in destroying pilgrims, AP writes Saudi Arabia has officially determined the number of deaths recorded at 769 and injured at 934. The kingdom has never expressed discrepancies in the balance sheet and has not published any results of the promised research

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