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because you are not a nation, they are quietly thought by many of their neighbors. Bulgarians blame them for stealing their tongue, the Greeks say that they have their own history and that the Albanians want to have the majority of their territory again. The two million-year-old Macedonia, which is still officially called FYROM, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, is gradually making its way to the world.

The blocked issue of joining the Euro-Atlantic structures has been frost-free in June. Greece has proposed a compromise – if the FYROM is renamed the Republic of Northern Macedonia, they will no longer veto their accession to NATO and the European Union. On Sunday, the name was voted in Macedonia. In the referendum, more than 90 percent of the participants accepted the change. The problem, however, is that less than 37 percent of the voters who have obtained voting rights have arrived in the polls. To make sure that the referendum is valid, at least half of the people should come, just like us.

However, the referendum only has a recommendation character. Members will decide at the end of the day. Pro-European Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has already called on the legislators publicly to support a constitutional change. "A better agreement with Greece can not and does not exist and our country has no alternative to NATO membership and the European Union," said Zaev. Estimates say that the 120-strong parliament will certainly support a change in the name of 71 members. There are, however, 80 votes to change the constitution, so the government coalition will also have to convince opposition MPs. In the areas of the Balkans, this "condemnation" can also be associated with money.

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