Mysterious maneuvers over the Black Sea

The British Royal Air Force sent its fighters on Thursday to a Russian navy patrol plane that moved across the Black Sea.

The goal was to interrupt the route of his flight, that was already the second incident of this kind since the beginning of the week, said the British Defense Ministry on Friday, the statement of which was released by the Reuters news agency.

British Typhoon fighters flew from Mihail Kogalnicean Airport along the Romanian coast of the Black Sea to a Russian Be-12 seaplane that flew from the Crimea to the southwest. The reason for the intervention Reuters does not mention in his report, according to the Daily Star newspaper, the Russian machine is "on its way to NATO airspace".

The previous incident in the region, which took place Tuesday, sent two Typhoon hunters from Romania to watch two planes, probably the Russian Su-30 fighters, Reuters added. In this context, the Agency cited the words of the British Foreign Minister for Forces Mark Lancaster, who spoke in July the "more and more assertive Russia". According to him, the Royal Air Force had to "catch" Russian military aircraft in more than 80 cases in the past decade.

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