Negotiations between the US and China on trade have ended, delegations have exchanged views on fairness and balance

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 ( – The American and Chinese negotiators ended a two-day trade conference without a break in a dispute that has disrupted the financial markets.

Constructive and open

delegations "Exchanges on how to achieve fairness, balance and reciprocity in economic relations," She said in a statement about the talks that ended on Thursday, spokeswoman for the White House, Lindsay Walters. However, she could not remember any further negotiations.

The statement by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce stated that the interviews were "Constructive and open", but it did not yield any details. According to the Chinese statement, both parties will do so "Stay in contact".

The dispute over Chinese technology in the field of modern industrial technology was picked up on Thursday when the US and China imposed tariffs on other goods valued at USD 16 billion USD.

Customs duties on Chinese imports

The US President Donald Trump's government imposed customs duties on imports of Chinese goods last month for $ 34 billion. USD and Beijing responded to countermeasures to the same extent.

Martin Klus

Trumpov is preparing import duties from China worth $ 200 billion, USD and China said it would pay US $ 60 billion in US dollars. USD.

The Trump government accuses China of reckless tactics to acquire US technology, including forcing US companies to surrender their trade secrets in exchange for access to the Chinese market.

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