New WALKING facts in a beast Father's case that killed his family: children's mother cuts!

Christopher Watts (left) is accused of threefold murder. Then he buried his wife and two daughters in almost full oil tanks in the factory where he worked.

A man from the American state of Colorado, accused of murdering his pregnant wife and two underage daughters, admitted Monday that he had strangled the woman. The investigator claimed that he had done so after his wife killed two of her three and four-year-old daughters, AP reported.

Christopher Watts (33) has been in custody since the last week of Wednesday when he was arrested for suspected murder of his family.

Shanann Watts (34) and her two daughters Bella (4) and Celeste (3) reported to her unfortunate wife Watts on Monday that a woman did not respond to phone calls or esemes. Watts then appeared in the local media, where he argued for his family to return home.

Researchers announced shortly after his arrest that they had found all three bodies on the site of the oil company, where Watts was employed as operator. The woman appeared in a shallow grave on the plot of a company near the oil tank, where the bodies of both children were hidden. The woman was in the 15th week of pregnancy at the time of death.

Christopher now claims that the children have killed their own mother.

Christopher now claims that the children have killed their own mother.

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Researchers believe that Watts was murdered in a family home in Denver's suburbs shortly after his wife returned to a business trip in Arizona on a Monday morning with a local time bomb. The husbands reportedly had an "emotional interview" in which Watts announced that he wanted to divorce, according to CNN.

The suspect man stated Monday that he had seen how Watts then strangled a younger child, with the older at that moment dead.

Watts on Monday accused of murder in the first degree, manipulation of corpses and unlawful termination of pregnancy. CNN & # 39; s researchers claim that Watts had a relationship with a colleague from his office.

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