Not far from the Formula 1 races in Belgium, they shot an agent

The police were shot during checks along the way.

Police officers were killed during a roadside check-in on Sunday evening in the Belgian city of Spa, near a place where the Belgian Grand Prix races take place this year, this weekend the DPA reported this on the basis of reports in the Belgian media.

Belga's office writes that a policeman, accompanied by another member, was shot at two o'clock in the afternoon. Three people were in a car that had been burned. The police started after suspicious searches.

The police officers came to the city center to solve the quarrel they were called, specifying the Ministry of the Interior. Congratulations to both family members and colleagues of the rifle expressed the Twitteri and Minister of Home Affairs Jan Jambon.

A thirty-eight year old police is the first to die in Belgium since they had been working in Belgium since this year. Two policemen shot a man in Liège three months ago, the Belgian said.

The Belgian Formula 1 races take place in the village of Francorchamps, ten kilometers south-east of the city of Spa.

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