Not yet published images of the occupation of 1968: VIDEO Cudzinca, who captured the atmosphere of the occupation of Czechoslovakia

The Czech TV CT24 released unique color photos from August 21st, which recorded the atmosphere of occupation. The Catalan merchant with tektil Joseph García-Planas captured the atmosphere in Prague and at the border crossing with Austria.

Unique images

Unique colorless recordings made a 35-millimeter film on the first occupation day. The man was in Prague at that time. "His son Plccid García-Planas Marcet has added the music to the photos and read the original comment about the father's video" said ČT24.

On the night of August 20 to 21, the occupation of Czechoslovakia began with the armies of the five Warsaw Pact states under the leadership of the Soviet Union. A few minutes after August 23, August 20, Czechoslovakia crossed the border with hundreds of soldiers from five countries – the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and East Germany. The Soviet ambassador inquired about the invasion of President Ludwig Svoboda. In the morning they arrested the first secretary, Alexander Dubcek, along with other leaders of the Communist Party. The occupation of a sovereign state in which citizens have democratically searched for the cause of the problems accumulated has serious consequences for our society.

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