Obama & # 39; s opponent left the fight against brain cancer

The American Republican senator John McCain has decided to end his treatment of brain cancer. Referring to the political family, the New York Times reported Friday.

Veteran of war in Vietnam according to the illness logbook it will probably catch up in the near future. McCain has been fighting with aggressive illness for more than a year.

"He has overcome the prospect how long he will live," said the family in a statement. Eighty-one-year-old senator, according to him, decided to terminate the treatment of aggressive glioblastoma, not only because of progressive disease, but also because of his advanced age. The next Wednesday should celebrate his 82nd birthday. "In accordance with his usual will, he now decides to stop curing," the family wrote.

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The influential politician who was represented in the US Senate of Arizona and led Barack Obama to a failed presidential struggle in 2008 announced at the end of July that his doctors had diagnosed a malignant tumor of the brain. He has been cured since then. Glioblastoma is called the most aggressive type of brain tumor. Patients with this diagnosis die on average within three months, and if they are treated optimally, then on average a year.

McCain is the son and grandson of the marine admirals. As a pilot, he took part in the Vietnam War, but in October 1967 he was shot, imprisoned and issued the following five and a half years. He was also tortured in prison. However, he rejected the offer to be fired because the Vietnamese, as the son of a senior officer, wanted to use him for propaganda.

There have been 35 years in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Republican McCain is a long-time critic of President Donald Trump, also a Republican. According to the source of a close senator who has quoted AP, she McCain does not want the White House boss to be invited to his funeral. Trump has said that McCain is not a war hero and referring to the period spent by the senator in detention, he said he loved people who had not been caught.

McCain himself sought the presidency. In 2000, the Republican nomination was won by George Bush, but eight years later the Democratic candidate Barack Obama founded McCain. Distrust of information about McCain's health on Twitter was expressed, among other things, in the Republican majority leader in Senate Mitch McConnell. "We are fortunate to call him friends and colleagues, John, (his wife) Cindy and the whole McCain family are in our prayers at this incredibly difficult hour," he wrote. The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey McCain, has Twitters & # 39; an American hero & # 39; called.

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