P. Ziga: EU rates on American cars would be unfortunate

Image image. Photo: TASR / Henrich Mišovič

Bratislava, August 22 (TASR) – The introduction of tariffs by the United States for cars imported from the European Union would be an unfortunate measure of the US government, according to Petra Žigu (Smer-SD) Minister of Economy. If it really happened to him. Ziga said it after Wednesday's cabinet meeting in response to statements by US President Donald Trump. He said the US would introduce 25% import duties on cars from the EU.

"If so, then it is not a good report for world trade, not only for the European, but also for the American, because I expect the EU to take retaliatory measures," Said Ziga. He thinks that this spiral will not bring anything positive. "I quite understand what was agreed to make the tasks zero," Ziga pointed out.

President Trump's current claims are only seen as statements in the pre-election campaign. The official position of the American government is not yet. "So we will only speak if it comes as an official position and we will speak with other EU countries" explained the Minister of Economy. In his words, business is a common agenda for the EU.

At the same time, we would like to discuss the Slovak positions with our most important business partners such as Germany or France. He announced that he would travel to Germany next week to have a meeting with Petrom Altmaier, the Minister of Economy, and to look for a common approach in this case. At the same time he would like to invite him to a meeting of the Ministers of Economic Affairs of the V4, which could take place in the autumn.

Source: Teraz.sk, the news portal of the TASR

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