Pakistan and Muslim states are protesting against the Mohammed cartoon contest

Pakistan is protesting with its diplomats at the embassy in The Hague against the intention of Geert Wilders, deputy and leader of the PVV, to organize a cartoon competition with Mohammed, who is considered the prophet of Alaha. The news server said

According to, the Pakistani tribune newspaper reported that the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs had instructed its ambassador in The Hague to protest the Dutch government, together with ambassadors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states, against the intention of the PVV leader to organize a race caricature competition address Mohamed. The OIC unites 57 countries of the world where Islam is the most important religion.

Mohammed is the founder of Islam. He is the author of the ideas that his followers and followers place in the Qur'an, the holy book of Muslims.

"We are deeply concerned about this deliberate and fraudulent attempt to taunt Islam," the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said.

Wilders announced in June this year that he has registered more than 200 cartoons in the competition. The winner of a non-traditional competition will be selected at the end of this year in a secured part of the Dutch parliament, where MPs are hosted.

The Party of Freedom is known for its anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic attitudes.

The Dutch parliament refused Wilders three years ago to plan an exhibition of anti-cosmic cartoons in the building of this institution.

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