Pakistan can forgive millions

The US military has made a final decision in the event of the abolition of Pakistani aid for the suspended $ 300 million, because no strong action was taken against the militants.

This is another blow for the worsening relations between the two countries, reported Reuters Saturday. Cancellation of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) is part of a broader suspension of Pakistan's aid, which the US President Donald Trump announced earlier this year, referring to the South Asian country of For the time being, the United States only hesitates to "lie and cheat".

The Trump government claims that Islamabad is home to rebels leading a 17-year war in neighboring Afghanistan, which Pakistan denies. American officials, however left open the possibility that Pakistan could recover this supportif it changes its procedures. The US Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, may have approved the above-mentioned amount of GSK assistance this summer, but decided not to do so, an American official told Reuters.

"Since Pakistan has not taken decisive steps to support the South Asian strategy, the remaining $ 300 (million) was for other purposessaid the spokesman for the Pentagon, Kone Faulkner, and the US Congress has already canceled $ 500 million in CSF assistance to Pakistan this year, with a total of $ 800 million.

The announcement came before an expected visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompey and president of Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford of the US Army in Islamabad. Mattis told Tuesday to reporters that fighting militants will be "the most important part" of the interviews.

Experts on the Afghan conflict, the longest war for the United States, say that the refuges in Pakistan offer Afghan rebels a place where they can prepare attacks and regroup after offensives. Pakistan has received US $ 33 billion in aid since 2002, of which more than US $ 14 billion from the US Department of Defense's CSF program, which aims to reimburse the allies for the costs of supporting operations against Afghan rebels. Pakistan could receive support from the CB again next year.

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