People evacuated quickly in Germany

The inhabitants of the municipalities of Tiefenbrunnen, Frohnsdorf and Klausdorf from the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark in the German region of Brandenburg began to evacuate quickly.

They did so after the forest spread fire in the area over 300 hectares. In the region the members of the fire brigade intervene. The internet edition of the Bild newspaper, as well as the website, was informed.

The fire broke out by police sources in the afternoon, and despite the utmost efforts to liquidate it, it spread extremely quickly along road 102 to the area with the above area. A temporary refuge for evacuees that only have to take the most important including documents or medicines, will probably be a multipurpose room in Treuenbrietzene.

Citizens are not allowed to leave open windows, close the fans and the door and switch off the air conditioners. Germany has been one of the hottest summer periods of history, accompanied by extraordinary droughts in Brandenburg. It is now a breeding ground for forest fires, the risk of which is extremely high in the Federal Republic.

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