People in the CSSR have contributed to a united Europe, Merkel – World – News said


Office of Germany Angela Merkel.

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The occupation of Czechoslovakia by the troops of the countries of the Warsaw Pact in 1968 is regarded by the German office Angela Merkel as the sad conclusion of the policy of oppression by the Soviet Union. As a result, regular people in Czechoslovakia have contributed to a united Europe over the coming years.

The invasion, which was also attended by units of the German
Democratic Republic, Merkel has forcibly ended the Movement, which
promoted socialism with a human face. "From the perspective of the federal government
the sad climax of the policy of oppression by the Soviet Union and her
allies, "interpreted Merkel & # 39; s spokesman Steffen on Monday

People did not want to get away with their destination

The events of August 1968 must be seen according to the head of the German government
in connection with the GDR in 1953, Hungary in 1956 or
Poland in 1981. "All these very different historical events
they share the fact that people behind the iron curtain did not want to get in
by their fate imposed by the elite of the Communist Party, "is
a convinced office.

He claims that the year 1968 has at least brought the demands of the requirements
then they were filled in 1989, when the will of the people was fulfilled. It was mainly
the desire to overcome the communist regime and live in democracy and freedom.

Today, Europe is united according to Merkel

Today, Merkel's Germany and Europe are happily united.
"And it is pretty clear that the brave people in the Czech Republic today and Slovakia
they have contributed a lot to this – through their passive resistance against the occupiers and
an active struggle for the implementation of the Final Act of the Security Conference
Cooperation in Europe (KBSE – 1975) – which they have endured for so long
but it has just opened the gateway to a free Europe, "says the boss
German government.

Her spokesman also reminded Monday of the fate of political refugees
from Czechoslovakia, who received asylum in the West after the occupation in 1968
Germany and after 1989 they became a bridge builder between Berlin, Prague and Prague

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