PHOTO Great alarm in the Czech Republic: the fire destroyed a rare monument, a hard battle of firefighters

Criminologists, who will work with firefighters to identify the cause of the fire, also came on the spot. "We are already discovering the evidence of a fire, we work with all versions," said regional police spokesman Jan Čížkovský.

According to him, for example, technical malfunctions, negligence and deliberate inflammation. Čížkovský pointed out that the place of fire, even with the help of a trained dog "id =" 2238007 "border =" 0 "style =" width: 454px; "/>

Source: Facebook / firefighters of the village Horní Maršov

Fire of the castle in the Czech Republic" id = "2238001" border = "0" style = "width: 454px;" /> [19659005] Source: Facebook / destroyed the roofs on all four wings of the castle "What was not masonry disappeared, only the chimney remained, the roof of the castle does not exist", says Mayor Pavel Mrázek. There were a dozen people who saw the fire on the spot

According to, is a castle, which is a cultural monument and has not been used for decades. "Since April 1994 there is no use of the building and the construction-technical condition has deteriorated", is mentioned on the property site where the castle is sold for CZK 14.5 million (EUR 563.566).

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