PHOTO In the Czech Republic protested extreme right, Kotleba came: police attack after journalist attack

DSSS chairman Tomas Vandas told the portal that the protest is also a reaction to the brutal attack on "a young boy by gypsies when he was a young mother" at the swimming pool. Vandas continued: "It is necessary to speak We can not keep silent We must respond to things that do not belong to our society Current politicians are afraid to name things with real names If someone has the rights of minorities cost of the majority, has consequences, such as the Dubi event. "

Vandas made a speech before the 200 fans gathered together: " Today Dubi is the safest place in the Czech Republic. "

The group drew then through the town of Dubí, northeastern Bohemia, to a local swimming pool that was closed. According to Mayor Petr Pipal, he closed it out of precaution because it was recently a passionate incident. The participants in the protest summit sang the slogans "Bohemia Bohemia" or "Zypsies without Dossiers"

  Protest DSSS

Source: FB / DSSS – MO Duchcov

<img src = "https: //img.topky. sk / big / 2237933.jpg / protest-Dubi-DSSS.jpg "title =" Protest DSSS "alt =" Source: FB / DSSS – MO Duchcov

] Intervented by the police

The caretaker was worried about these events because the organizers promised him a peaceful and dignified meeting to "highlight the problems of society."

The anti-conflict of the police had to intervene in the field, because the DSSS- supporters attacked the contributor of the Vital Hassan Parliamentary Lead and struck him several times with a fist, allegedly darker in color, and after the incident three heavy cars arrived and the attacker was arrested

The police stopped a total of six people, two of the suspects in the burglary to attack the journ alist and the others who inspected the clothes on their clothes

At the pool in Dubi on 7 August, a group of attackers brutally struck a young man who, according to the witness, tried to calm the gap between the two women. One of them had reportedly physically attacked a woman who had warned a Roma boy to hit another child in the pool for the smallest children. The case is still investigating the police, wrote on Saturday

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