Pope Frantisek again with a single request

Pope František pleaded Sunday for forgiveness for sexual abuse by the spiritual and repeated his desire to do justice.

He voiced himself in the Marian sanctuary in Knock during his two-day visit to Ireland, reported the BBC news server.

The pope said that everyone must catch the stories of those who "suffered from abuse, they were scorned by innocence and drawn with painful memories." "This open council calls for us to be determined and determined in the search for truth and justice," he told the crowd at the pilgrimage site.

He said that in his prayer to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, "he specifically presented it to all the victims of abuse of any kind committed by members of the Church in Ireland."

Later on Sunday, 500,000 people are expected to meet at Phoenix Park in Dublin, where the Pope serves the mass at the end of the world meeting of the family.

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