Pregnant Ministry from New Zealand has arrived on her bike, car does not have enough seats

AUCKLAND, August 19 ( – New Zealand secretary for female affairs Julie Anne Genter arrived in Auckland on Sunday to be able to give birth to her first child.

She came out in her own way when she came to the bike. A 30-year member of the Green Party praised it for Instagram, where she wrote that she had reached another means of transport because "There was not enough room in the car".

Genter, who is an open proponent of cycling, went to the hospital on the 42nd week of pregnancy to give her doctors an artificial delivery. The politician joked that the trip to the bicycle she had made on an electric bicycle was "Usually from the hill".

"I probably had to drive a lot more in recent weeks to show the birth," she said. Genter is in the Auckland City Hospital, where in June she also gave birth to premier Jacinda Ardern.

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