Putin blew up the Austrian minister, and the Cossacks brought him to the wedding

Putin & # 39; s visit to an Austrian wedding raises a lot of criticism. August 2018 at 18:14 SITA

BERLIN. Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the wedding ceremony of Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl and Austrian entrepreneur Wolfgang Meilinger on Saturday in southern Styria

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According to Austrian TV ORF danced Putin with a bride in traditional Styria costume also

Putin's visit to the bourgeoisie of Austrian diplomacy gave rise to a number of controversies with our southern neighbors, several opposition politicians who did not sympathize with the convergence of the country , and even sent it to the Cossacks, the country with Russia called it a very non-traditional.

Kiev criticizes Putin & # 39; s planned participation in the marriage of the Austrian minister

The Greens even ask for Kneissl's resignation

The visit is not on both Social Democrats (SPÖ) to Jörg Leichtfried, according to which the Putin's invitation to this event casts doubt on the role of Austria as an impartial mediator in the conflict in Ukraine, where the central Ukrainian government and the prorusk separatists supported by Moscow

Already in the week Putinov informed foreign – Yuri Ušakov and later confirmed by the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, invited Kneissl Putin for his wedding during his visit to Austria in June

The surprise of the Austrian opposition parties is also shared by the world media, who write that it is very unusual that Putin is present [19659909] Read also: [19659909] Merkel of the meeting with Putin do not expect much

Knesse l was nominated by the extreme right-wing Austrian free movement (FPÖ) to the Austrian government, but it is not a member.

From Austria, Putin then flew to Germany, where he later met Angela Merkel's German office later in the evening, and talked with him about a number of questions about the situation in Syria to the economic relations between them [19659902] Putin and Merkel have a short briefing with journalists before this meeting, but the press conference is not scheduled to end

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