Putin warned Israel against further attacks on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday warned Israel before re-launching air strikes on Syria, which led him Monday night to shoot down the Russian Il-20 military air force by the Syrian Air Force.

In the case, all 15 people on board were killed.

Putin has, according to the Kremlin, pointed out that Israeli attacks have violated Syrian sovereignty and Russian-Israeli agreements to avoid the military interests of the army in Syria.

The Russian president urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "not make such a situation in the future", AP said.

Netanyahu called Putin earlier and expressed his regret for the death of Russian soldiers. He pointed out, however, that Syria and the regime of the president, Bashar Assad, are responsible for the arrest of the aircraft. He also offered the leader of the Israeli Air Force to present the results of an Israeli investigation in Moscow.

Israeli hunters hide behind a Russian plane

The Russian Ministry of Defense says the plane was unjustly hit by a Syrian missile because four Israeli F-16 fighters, who were on their way to a bombing mission to the Syrian Lázikía, were "hidden" behind the Russian Air Force. The plane returned to the Russian base.

Putin used milder rhetoric and said the incident was the result of a "confluence of unfortunate circumstances" and that "Israeli forces did not hit our plane," DPA says. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoghu said that Moscow has repeatedly asked Israel to avoid attacks on Syria threatening Russian soldiers.

Russia is the most important military ally of the Syrian government in this civil war with several parties. Moscow has maintained good relations with the Jewish state on the background of the Syrian conflict, despite Israel's opposition to the Syrian government, and against Iran, which is also an ally of Damascus and Russia.

No chance to escape in safety

"With Israeli pilots hiding behind a Russian plane, they were exposed by a weapon of Syrian air defense," said Russian spokesman Igor Konashenko, shot down by the S-200 air-air system of Soviet production.

According to him, Israel gave a warning "less than a minute before the attack, leaving the rocket of Russia no chance to escape".

The Israeli army said the tragedy caused "massive and inappropriate" Syrian defense. According to him, there were already hunters in Israeli airspace when the plane hit the Syrian fire. "Syrian batteries burned without distinction and did not see if Russian aircraft were in the air," says Tel Aviv.

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