Refugees in Germany are well integrated into the labor market

More than 300,000 refugees are integrated into the German labor market.

Refugees in Germany are well integrated into the labor market, according to the federal employment office. More than 300,000 refugees from Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria were employed in Germany in May, according to the Federal Employment Office. That was 103,000 more than in 2017.

Detlef Scheele, head of the employment office, described integration as a good one. Most refugees with a job of about 238,000 have a job with social security.

"These figures are good if we take into account that these people come for humanitarian reasons, and not for work," Scheele said.

In July, the federal employment office registered 482,000 refugees as job-seekers, including those who completed integration and language courses. Around 187,000 refugees were registered as unemployed in July, this figure remains relatively constant.

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