Republican Senator John McCain died

When McCain's office clarified her statement, the senator succumbed to complications related to brain cancer. The text says that the senator died surrounded by his family.

McCain represented the state of Arizona in the Senate and was a Republican MP. He was an internationally known veteran of the Vietnam War.

His office said in a statement that the senator "has served the United States faithfully for 60 years."

McCain's family announced on Friday that the senator had decided to end his treatment of brain cancer.

McCain, 81 years old, diagnosed aggressive brain cancer in July last year and was treated. In an attempt to leave his home in Arizona, Washington left. He remained, however, an influential political figure and frequent critic of US President Donald Trump.

His family, in a statement released by the local media, said: "Last year, Sen. John McCain and Americans shared information our family already knew: an aggressive form of cancer – glioblastoma, with its prognosis serious."

The family also wrote that McCain had exceeded expectations in connection with the & # 39; survival & # 39; from McCain, but the progress of the disease and the inexorable old age has pronounced the verdict & # 39 ;. The family added that the senator decided to end his treatment with his usual will.

McCain's daughter, Meghan, wrote in her daughter that her family "is very grateful for love and generosity over the past year".

McCain, veteran of the Vietnam War, spent more than five years as a prisoner of war. He became a senator six times and in 2008 he failed to take part in the presidential election against Democrat Barack Obama.

Doctors discovered a malignant brain tumor during surgery last July.

Obama & # 39; s presidential rival

– John McCain was born on August 29, 1936 on a military base in the Americans controlled Panama, where his father served as a naval officer.

Military tradition in the McCain family was very strong, the armed forces were not only his father, but also his old father, who later motivated John McCain for a career with the US Air Force. The McCain family accompanied her father to various military bases in the US and the Pacific until she settled in North Virginia in 1951.

– After graduating from the interdisciplinary high school in Alexandria in 1954, the young McCain he joined the Annapolis Maritime Academy. His temperament and his alleged comment on the orders of the superiors reduced the overall assessment of a young student who in the graduate ranks of 1958 ended from 899 young men to the 894th place.

– McCain's 22-year military career began at the end of the school it also brought to Vietnam and forced him to spend five years in that military prison.

– Captain McCain survived various life-threatening situations, the most serious of which was an aircraft fire on July 29, 1967, claiming 134 lives. McCain after salvation refused to return home and decided to participate in other military operations.

– At the end of October 1967 his fighter plane was hit and McCain became forced to eject. After a loss of consciousness, he woke up in a military hospital in Hanoi with broken hands and legs. Poor quality of treatment and subsequent imprisonment of McCain had a lasting effect on his upper limbs.

– Even after his return in 1973, McCain continued his military career. His heroism during the Vietnam War was awarded different prizes. US Armed Forces left McCain in 1981 for two years later became a congressman.

– John McCain was married twice. With his first wife, model Carol Sheppu, he married in 1965. He was adopted by two children and a couple had an ordinary daughter from Sidney. In 1979, McCain met Cindy Hensley, the daughter of the wealthy brewing company in Arizona. The month after the divorce with Carol in 1980, he and Hensley were married.

McCain has two sons and one daughter. In 1991 you got a couple Adopted Bridget's daughter from Mother Teresa's reception center in Bangladesh. McCain's religion is Christianity.

– A politician with a reputation for promoting his own solutions, sometimes in contradiction with the doctrine of the party, was among key figures promoting the strengthening of US military presence in Iraq. His political career began in 1983 when he joined the American House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the US Congress.

– The veteran, a former Vietnam prisoner of war and holder of various state prizes, won in 1987 post from the US senator.. He restored this position three times in the election, and in 2000 he sought an official presidential nomination for the Republicans. He was defeated by the later president George W. Bush. Despite the campaign problems during the first elections and the lack of sponsorship, 72-year-old Senator McCain became the official president-plenipotentiary for the post of president of the US.

– John McCain got his first political contacts in Arizona afterwards started working as Vice President Public Relations in the brewery business of his second wife, Cindy McCain.

– Two times in a row, in 1982 and 1984, McCain got a post at the Washington House of Representatives and in 1987 he became state secretary of Arizona. He was central to his first political goals help native Indians and the fight against corruption in casino & # 39; s. The popularity of veteran veteran McCain increased in Congress. In 1988 he was one of the potential candidates of George H.W. Busha for the position of Vice-President Candidate; he eventually became the chairman of his veterans committee.

– In 1989 McCain again faced four senators investigate suspected corruption. The Senate ethics committee ultimately rejected the accusations, but said the senator had expressed a bad judgment when he agreed with the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association's request to lobby for his benefit at a meeting with regulators. Called. Keating 5 scandal did not harm the career of a respected senator, and Arizona voters handed him 52 percent of the vote in 1992.

– In the 1990s, Senator McCain served the reputation of an independent politician who had stood many times against the official doctrine of the Republican Party. One of his initiatives was the reform of the funding of political parties, in which the project was prepared together with the democratic senators. McCain repeatedly pointed out hidden government subsidies for local projects and Congress initiatives in financial laws. Despite the disapproval of the Republicans, he helped the democratic law to increase excise duties on tobacco products.

– Yours first appointment as president Senator McCain reported on September 27, 1999 in New Hampshire, where he defeated George W. Bush in the February 2000 elections.

– McCain's strength was open to the media, compensating for a lack of funding for a TV advertising campaign. At the first elections in South Carolina in 2000, however, McCain resigned intense negative campaign, in which he was wrongly identified as a homosexual, his drug addict and his adopted Bengali daughter as an illegitimate child.

– McCain he lost in South Carolina and his presidential candidacy for the 2000 elections has not been restored since then.

– Although McCain subsequently withdrew his candidacy and officially supported George W. Bush as a senator, he opposed him several times in connection with issues such as health reform or global warming. He was one of the two Republican senators who voted against Bush's proposal to provide temporary tax relief to higher income groups and entrepreneurs. He also worked with the Democrats on the fundamental reform of immigration policy, which ultimately was not approved.

– Senator McCain's independent attitude, his open criticism of government decisions, including the way in which the Iraq war was conducted, and the willingness to cooperate with senators, regardless of which party they represent, to increase popularity of this Republican politics, especially in the ranks of independent voters.

– Intention run for president McCain reported again in New Hampshire on April 25, 2007. The most popular Republican candidate at the time was the former mayor of New York Rudi Giuliani; The chances were also attributed to the wealthy Mitt Romney, who had enough money for an expensive election campaign.

McCain faced the first problems in the summer of 2007 when he had to go for lack of finance release part of your election team. McCain's independence from the Republicans has long awakened the distrust of traditional Republican sponsors.

– The largest increase in finance and consolidation of the position within the Republican party was reported by the Senator after the announcement of the candidacy of the Vice President of Alajah Governor Sarah Palin. It represents the traditionally strong and loyal socially conservative wing of the republicans. However, McCain struggled with a shortage of funds during his time in the most expensive election campaign in American history and therefore decided to take the government funds to finance it.

– In the past year, McCain's campaign has been flagged several times by policy commentators; however, the senator did not give up the problems and built the warrior's reputation. The fight was also highlighted in recent days for the polls, according to opinion polls for his political rival, Barack Obama it was about five percent behind.

– John McCain's election campaign began at the beginning of many independent voters, Americans who are not members of one of the main political parties. The nomination of Sarah Palin strengthened her position on the party base that had previously been considered too independent. McCain focused primarily on the generation of the elderly, voters in rural areas with secondary education, Christian believers, and a large proportion of the veterans and members of the armed forces.

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