Rescue on the beach. The man had a heart attack after the first year

On Saturday morning, on October 19th, they chose to swim on the beach to practice paddleboards. The worst moment came when they came out of the water. Even Max himself did not know that he was sick. "Even in the evening I was fine and I was 16 miles away, and I had no idea of ​​the symptoms of a heart attack," he continued.

"When I felt, I spoke to you, you have to come to the car, just run to the car," he described his thoughts before the fall. But he did not come to the car, left the sign on the beach and fell to the ground. "I immediately ran to him, turned him around and tried to give a pulse, but he did not, I immediately gave him the first aid and called the rescuers," described Andi's situation.

While giving her friend a heart-breathing massage and a mouth-to-mouth breath, a few people came to him. "We were lucky that one of them was a nurse, and the rescue came within 7 minutes, trying to revive it with an electro-shock on the beach, but it would not work." she spoke about rescue operations. Max was back in the ambulance.

"They asked me if I knew what had happened, I said I had a heart attack and it is embarrassing that I hated because Andi finally said I loved it, but who wants to go with someone who has had a heart attack? # 39;, he said with humor at the conclusion Max. After a strange situation they founded the Paddle4good organization, where they learned the basic principles of first aid.

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