Reversal in the 20-year murder case

For more than two decades, the Dutch criminal has succeeded in identifying the killer of the 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen who disappeared without a trace on 10 August 1998 from a tent camp in the Dutch-German border region and whose dead body was found the same evening the same evening. municipality Brunssun in the Dutch administrative district Limburg.

Despite the enormous efforts of the criminals, the case has not been able to break, and so the Dutch researchers decided at the beginning of this year for the last desperate attempt and called for more than 21,000 men from the border to offer DNA tests.

In the meantime, since the murder of a schoolboy, Jos Brech, a suspected murderer, belonged to the frontier men, but yet the test has not even undergone repeated calls. In the autumn of last year he traveled abroad, so his absenteeism did not make him suspicious. It happened only after his contact with family members who reported to the police that he was missing was reported in April and several police cases were filed with the police during the investigation. In June, the DNA comparison showed absolute correspondence with the traces of the victim's body.

After Josh Brech, as confirmed on Wednesday in Maastricht, they announced a pan-European search in the meantime. There is no information about his place of residence, but the detectives know that that is the case an outdoor specialist and especially in the mountains, where his last song comes from France.

The information came from the internet edition of the Bild.

The search is 180 centimeters long, has brown, wavy hair and big ears. The Dutch police are looking forward to helping the public from abroad on 0031 79 345 9876.

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