Russia has accused the US and its allies of preparing raids on Syria

The attack must be made on the pretext that the Syrian leadership used chemical weapons against civilians.

On Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the United States and its allies are preparing a new attack on Syria. It is under the pretext that the Syrian leadership used chemical weapons against civilians, said Russian official defense minister, Igor Konashenko, in Moscow.

He added that rebels in the province of Idlib in an attempt to provoke a new attack on Western allies prepare the alleged attack with chemical weapons on civilians, who will then be accused by the Syrian army.

Konašenkov said, according to Interfax, that this provocation is being prepared with the active involvement of the British intelligence services and that it serves the United States, Great Britain and France as a pretext for further attacks on government administration and economic infrastructure in Syria.

Provocation of terrorists

A representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense added that the USS The Sullivans, with 56 missiles on board and a four-sided bomber V-1V with 24 winged missiles AGM-158 JASSM, were re-deployed in the Persian Gulf a few days ago.

Konashenko, referring to several independent sources, said that the terrorist group Front-An-Nusra was involved in the preparation of the provocation. He added that eight pots of chlorine had been shipped to Djisr as-Šugur in Idlib province and were transferred to a nearby village after the Hizb al-Islam had been handed over to al-Turkistan.

According to Konashenko, a group of rebels was already led by specialists from the British private military company that underwent training in the use of chemical weapons.

Warnings against chemical weapons

"This rebel is charged with the task of imitating the people affected by a chemical weapon and making himself famous for their helmets," Konashenko said ironically, an indication of Russia's earlier claim that he had information that members of the -governmental organization Syrian Civil Protection, also called White helmets have close ties with terrorists. The same applies to Syrian leadership.

The AP noted that this statement appeared by Russia a few days after US Chief Security Officer John Bolton warned the Syrian government about the use of chemical weapons, and stressed that if this were to happen, this would be followed by a harsh response from the Allies.

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