Russia launches military exercises: VIDEO Trapas with tank and bizarre landing hunters

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Kurish battle, Russian President Vladimir Putin also attended a commemoration meeting. He came to watch the celebrations of the biggest tank battle in the history of mankind, in which the Red Army crushed the Nazi troops, AP's news agency reported.

Putin puts the flowers on the grave of an unknown soldier, part of the Kurish Battle Memorial Complex, and talks to dozens of veterans. The leader of the Kremlin also visited two other locations in the complex – the Kurish Battle Memorial and the Marshal Zhukov Memorial.

However, Kursk's military investigation was not without complications. On the internet a video made by the Russian tank T-34 on board the platform. But the driver did not gamble and the entire tank collapsed directly between the blocks due to the loss of balance from the platform. The incident was seen by hundreds of viewers.

According to the Russian Life portal, the machine was immediately transferred to the station immediately after the crash. According to the military press service, nobody was injured as a result of the incident.

Bizarre maneuvers

Other members of the Russian air force provided the next respiratory theater earlier this week. During the maneuvers in preparation for drilling in Vostok 2018, Russian hunters and hunters who landed on highways in the country trained.

Images show cars from citizens who line up in a row while military planes fly over them to land a few meters on a lane with several lanes. Landing on such trips was a planned part of the exercise that started on Wednesday morning.

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The country is preparing for the biggest military exercise since the fall of the Soviet Union – Vostok 2018. According to the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Sojgu, the territorial and quantitative scope of these military games in modern history should have been the greatest to be.

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