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Army battle tank

Combat army tank.

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The latest military equipment from Russia is shown during the Armenian-2018 international military excursion, which began in Moscow on Tuesday. The goal of the event is to attract new customers. For example, the Russian army introduced a Su-57 fighter plane or the army, the AP.

An action by Russian President Vladimir Putin will show "enormous"
potential "of the Russian military industry and serve as a platform for it
cooperation with other countries. Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shog
he stressed that the demonstrated weapons had already been proven during the Russian army
operations in Syria.

According to the server, 26,000 exhibits can be seen on the forum.
One of the most interesting is the 4.5 tonne military robot
the Kalashnik group, or a parachute with which you can jump
from the fifth floor of the high building. Kalašnikov presents further
civil Urban Moto electric motor and AK-308, which uses the same
ammunition as a NATO alliance. The weapon is great for the server
export potential.

According to TASS, I will also show my military technique on the forum
companies from Belarus, India, China, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries.

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