Russian leftist politician Sergei Udalesh is holding a hunger strike in prison

Russian opposition official Sergei UdaС "cov, who issues a sentence for committing a crime in a prison, is holding a hunger strike against protest.

In connection with a deterioration in his medical condition, he returned to the hospital on Sunday. According to Interfax, the political woman Anastasija Udaľcovova informed her on Sunday. She added that her husband does not accept solid food or liquids. The hospital receives infusions. Despite the weakened state of health, Udaľci is reportedly not planning to end his hunger strike.

He has been in prison since August 14. He must pay for a 30-day ruling that he has imposed a court in Moscow if he is convicted of repeated violations of the rules for the organization of public events. To protest against this decision, the Uday people declared a hunger strike. Hospitalized because it was already August 19th.

According to Echo Moscow Radio UdaС "cov, who is an activist of the Left Front, he announced a hunger strike to protest against the government's proposal for a pension reform. In order to take part in the action against this proposal, the Censors were also sentenced to prison terms – The inclusion of posters with photographs of the Presidents of the State Duma and the Federation Council at the Public Prosecutor against the increase of the pensionable age. Then he was held.

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