Russians will soon show clothing material that will adapt to the fluctuating blade

Moscow, August 21, 2018 (HSP / Photo: Facebook)

Sergei Cemezov, a representative from Rostech, has announced that this state-owned company on the Armija-2018 forum will demonstrate a prototype of material that is capable of changing color depending on the masking surface and the surrounding terrain.

Pictured by Sergei Cemezov

He believes in electronically controlled material, the principle of which will be presented on the Armija-2018 forum on the military helmet of the future troopers.

"The surface reflects color changes and imitates complex graphic forms, including leaves that fluctuate in the wind," said Cemezov, who noted that this material could also be used in the future for military clothing, weapons and fighting techniques.

Roste's head also said that the material does not require too much energy, that it needs 1.5-20 watts per square meter every second.

Former director of the Russian service for military and technical cooperation, Dmitry Shugayev, has announced that the forum "Armija-2018" contains news that is of interest to experts and potential buyers.

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