Salvini has made a promise: the Diciotti have rented out small migrants

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused Wednesday to put pressure on themselves and criticize the "unconstitutional detention" of migrants on board the ship, according to critics, who advised that only children could leave Italy. The Diciotti ship has been on the Mediterranean coast on the Lampedusa coast for several days, after rescuing 190 people on 16 August. Thirteen of those who needed urgent medical help took the island.

He then invited Rome to Malta to accept this ship with 177 migrants. But she refused to say that the boat with migrants was not ashamed because these people refused Maltese help and wanted to continue their journey to Italy. After this diplomatic patch, the Diciotti ship was finally allowed to moor in the Sicilian city of Catania on Monday evening, but migrants did not have to leave the ship.

In June, after the inauguration of a new populist and Eurosceptic government, Italy ended the practice of accepting almost all migrants from North Africa by banning rescue ships in their ports. They spent several days at sea, a few days before they went to Malta or Spain. Some vessels have been allowed to dock in ports after several EU countries have agreed that they will distribute the migrants among themselves.

Migrants must be illegally detained

A delegation from the Italian authority for the protection of personal rights visited 150 migrants on Thursday morning who had been detained on a ship of the Italian coast guard Diciotti in the Sicilian port of Catania for a number of days and concluded that they wrongly prevented them from leaving the ship. would come. The AP news agency reported.

Delegation leader Daniel de Robert said after three hours on board for Sky TG24 that migrants come from countries that "naturally & # 39; qualify to seek refugee status. She explained that nearly 90 percent of them came from Eritrea, with others from Syria, Sudan and Somalia. The Italian news agency ANSA quoted Robert as follows: "We have found what we have imagined – those who are deprived of freedom without the proof of the judicial authorities." She accused it as a violation of rights.

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