Salvini not allowed: let the children step out of the Diciotti boat, but others laugh

At the shipyard of the Italian Coast Guard, Diciotti, about 177 migrants are fetched from the Mediterranean for about a week. After a diplomatic incident with Malta, Italian officials finally gave permission to dock the ship on Monday in the Sicilian port of Catania, but migrants were not allowed to leave.

"When children are on board, they can come up," Salvini said in a video posted on Facebook. "As for the others … no one will go out," added this leader of the far-right Eurosceptic League, originally called the League of the North (LN). There are about 29 adult minors on board and they can not refuse to grant asylum according to the law. For the DPA news agency, a spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said. The Youth Court in Catania wrote a letter to the government asking for their immediate release, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

The people on board the Diciotti would have spent a long time in Libyan detention camps, where abuses and abuses flourish. Most come from Eritreans and Sudan, or from countries with conflicts whose people usually meet the conditions for asylum. However, Salvini refers to most of them as physically capable men, who use the Italian expression "ratboomers". He claims that he is "in the grip of seeing tens of thousands of fugitive refugees in Italian cities," which are billions of euro taxpayers.

The Italian Commissioner for detention rights Mauro Palma stated earlier in a statement that these migrants are "de facto deprivation of liberty without a legal basis or legal supervision". And he announced that a Daciotti card will be checked on Thursday (August 23). Palma told the DPA that there could be a violation of the Italian Constitution and, if not, a violation of the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. It prohibits inhuman or degrading treatment and guarantees the right to freedom.

According to Palma, "it is also unacceptable that people are used as a tool" in negotiations with other EU governments about an agreement on the redistribution of migrants. Salvini refuses migrants to leave the ship while other EU governments do not agree to accept migrants. Similar agreements have been concluded in recent weeks, but Salvini claims that some countries of the Union do not fulfill their obligations under the agreement.

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