Scientists have published a unique VIDEO of an isolated Amazon strain: they do not want to share anything with people

Several people walk through the jungle, a person wears bow and arrow. The researchers discovered the strain in the Vale do Javari region. The FUNAI government agency for the Associated Press reported that they have been monitoring the community for a number of years, but that they have never taken pictures before.

Scientists have published a unique VIDEO

Source: Youtube / Sergo UfoSergo

"I hope that these images will show even more the need to protect these pristine groups," said FUNAI president Wallace Bastos. According to the coordinator, Bruno Pereira research will help the video to study its culture. The office has so far failed to identify the name of the tribe, although it already has indications of ethnicity and the language it speaks.

The office has registered 107 isolated tribes living in the country. Some of them have already captured the camera, but direct contact with civilization is avoided through traumatic experiences.

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