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Former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond denied accusations of sexual assault in an interview with the BBC news agency last Friday.

"I have never had sexual problems from someone, and I have never committed such crimes," said Salmond for the BBC. He responded to reports in the media that two of his employees filed his complaint from the declaration of his first Scottish prime minister.

The Scottish government has confirmed that it has received two complaints against a 63-year-old politician who is known to support the independence of Scotland. The government then filed a complaint with the police, wrote the Scottish Daily Record. Since then, Salmond has taken legal action against the Scottish regional government he has ruled in the past for instituting an investigation into the claims of these women. Salmond described the whole process as "unfair" and wrote in a statement to Twitteri that he had not allowed him access to the file.

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Current speaker of the Scottish government Nicola Sturgeon, a Scottish National Party colleague and former Salmonda patron, told the BBC that women's claims are being taken seriously – "no matter how difficult it is for me, for my party or for other people."

In response to Salmonda's lawsuit against the government for her treatment of women's complaints, Sturgeon's spokeswoman said that in the statement of Salmond are "significant inaccuracies". The spokesman said the DPA said: "The Scottish government will vigorously defend its course."

Salmond was in the presidency of the Scottish Government (the prime minister of Scotland) in 2007-2014, but resigned after a referendum on the independence of Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom. Salmond drew attention and controversial response even after he left the office when he became a media personality – he began moderating the political discussion program "The Alex Salmond Show" at RT, based in London and financed by the Kremlin.

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