Senator Senator Prison in Russia: Ukrainian parliament proposed for Nobel Peace Prize

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a motion for a resolution on the nomination of the Nobel Laureate for Ukrainian film director Oleh Senkov, who was imprisoned in Russia.

A total of 245 members of the 450-headed parliament voted in favor of the draft resolution, said Ukrinform's agency.

"Given the courageous behavior of Oleha Sencova, who has been held illegally in the Russian Federation for four years to speak of a heroic, non-violent protest against the illegal occupation of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, Sevastopol and some parts of the Donetsk region and the Luhan region by the Russian Federation, ready to sacrifice your life in the interests of the freedom of the other Supreme Court Ukraine's name is Oleha Sencova for the Nobel Peace Prize, the resolution says. At the Nobel Peace Prize, Sencova was nominated by former Polish President Lech Wales, the prestigious president of the same prize in 1983.

Ukrainian director Oleh Sencov is the counterpart of the annexation of the peninsula in Crimea to Russia in 2014. In the same year he was held in Crimea and a year later Russia sentenced to 20 years in prison for committing a terrorist attack. Senators denied the accusations and refused Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask for mercy. His mother did that at the end of June. Since 14 May he has held a protest hunger strike for the release of 65 Ukrainians who are imprisoned in Russia – including himself – whom he calls political prisoners.

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