Shooting for an American bus with passengers by the police was not deliberate

Shooting for an American bus with passengers by the police was not deliberate

Fruit Heights 27 August 2018 UPDATED (SITA / AP / HSP / Photo:Mary Richards Twitter)

There were twelve passengers on the bus. The shooting hit the truck, which was next to the bus.

The photo shows the police at the shooting location

In Utah, someone set fire to a public transport bus with passengers on Monday. The attack took place between the towns of Ogden and Salt Lake City, but the police still do not know who and why they shot. There were twelve passengers in the bus at the time of the incident, none of them and the driver did nothing. The shooting on a truck that took place at the time of the attack was in the same place as the bus. The truck driver also unleashed the truck without getting hurt, told Carl Ark, a Utah spokeswoman, to reporters.

Shooting for a police bus was not deliberate. He informed the deputy head of the Davis County police commissioner after shooting the incident in which the shooting took place. The police found him the place where the shooting on the highway would come. It was a peach orchard and he could not see the highway from a specific spot where he was a shooter. However, the shooter has not found any police yet.

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