Simon about the ruling coalition: you have managed to control a black hole in Slovakia. It is not enough to sacrifice one piece on the chessboard

The kidnapping of a Vietnamese citizen in large has a number of politicians in service. That is why there have been various committees, new and new information is constantly being developed. According to the unmarried deputy Zsolt Simon, the coalition from Slovakia led the black holes towards the map of Europe.

Simon about the ruling coalition: you have managed to control a black hole in Slovakia. It is not enough to sacrifice one piece on the chessboard
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Description: Unmarried member Zsolt Simon

"Much has been written about the kidnapping of the Vietnamese from Germany, and how it was or was not involved in Kaliňák, but there was less talk about the government's responsibilities as such and about the failure of the security services of Slovakia", writes the substitute in his blog with the fact that "the coalition led by Smer Slovakia has made a black hole on the map of Europe". According to him, the Vietnamese are so stupid that they do not know that they have to plan the hijacking route, and therefore agree to rent a squadron from the Slovak government.

Her activities at the time were under the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Denisa Sakova. Similarly, we deceived the Poles that during the flight of the squadron across their territory, the Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák was aboard. And for this the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the least political responsibility to provide this information on the Polish side.

"There are also no reports of the failures of our security forces We do not even know that foreign intelligence services operate on our territory Our security and intelligence services (the Slovak Intelligence Service, the Military Intelligence Service, the Office for the Protection of Constitutional Factors, the police, etc.) do not fulfill their role properly and do not protect our territory ", writes the deputy, whether these are incompetent or directly involved in kidnapping.

As he adds, it is an unfounded failure, according to Simon, however, it is unnecessary to think that they did not notice it, because they did not know that the Italian mafia had moved to the government office. Ironically, he added that they did not even know that former Premier Robert Fico's adviser had several strange practices at the embassy office in Hanoi.

The trust of the allies

"In addition to the failure of our security forces, it is also very bad that we have damaged Germany, our main business and strategic partner, and we can not be surprised that the prestigious German investor, BMW, will not take the exit of Slovakia for his next huge investment, but it is not enough to sacrifice one piece on a chessboard, there is a need for system changes and for you, a respected coalition government, you do not do that, and you can see that you have our ally in the EU and NATO. damaged, "he says critically and it is difficult to arrange international relations. And if so, without the current government.

As he adds, the current government coalition is a supporter of extremism and not a critic of it. "By destroying the country in isolation and also by making us untrustworthy partners for our allies, you are embarrassing to every honest citizen of our country, who commit unjustified mistakes, all because you believe you are above the law," he says. from.

Police chairman

As an unborn non-commissioned officer adds, the system of corruption and clientelism that he created here could add the Smer side to the dictionary as our man & # 39 ;. According to him, they are ridiculed by their own citizens, while their indifference towards the Slovaks is reflected in former police president Tibor Gašpar. He reminded him at the end of May and is currently working at the Ministry of the Interior as counselor Denisa Sakova.

  • Minister of Internal Affairs

"The demonstrations of dissatisfaction of citizens are described by this ruling coalition as an attack on a democratic establishment, as an attack on the government of Smer, CIS and Most.Even Béla Bugár has added the sentence" damage Slovakia "to his dictionary. and gentlemen from the coalition government, realize that civil resistance is only a legitimate expression of disagreement with the way you govern and govern the country, "explains Simon. He adds that their hysterical reactions to citizens' activities confirm that they have lost their justice and contact with reality. He also claims that the ruling coalition has made Slovakia a black hole in Europe

  • Deputy Chairman of the National Council

"Slovakia needs reforms, positive change and a well-functioning rule of law, where the law applies to everyone, instead of government passwords and propaganda," he concludes.

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