Slovak troops have returned from missions in the world

Twenty members of the Armed Forces (SR) of the Slovak Republic welcomed Peter Gajdoš, Minister of Defense, in the buildings of the training and mobilization rehabilitation base in Martin after returning the Resolute Support missions in Afghanistan and EUFOR-ALTHEA in Bosnia. and Herzegovina.

"Our soldiers fulfilled all tasks assigned to them in individual operations. At the same time, I am happy and proud to hear from coalition partners in NATO and the European Union (EU) that our soldiers are truly rigorous partners in fulfilling challenging tasks in missions or operations. I am glad that everyone came back alive, health and tragedy that influenced the Czech forces in Afghanistan, did not affect our professional soldiers, "said the Minister of Defense.

Deputy Chief of Staff of OS SR, Miroslav Kocian, recalled that EUFOR-ALTHEA has been in development since 2004. "There are currently around 600 members of the armed forces of different nationalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 24 countries, including 19 EU Member States. We contribute 43 members and work at three locations. We send two members in Afghanistan for six months as a counseling and training team for the training and training of Mi-17 or 171 helicopters, "said Kocian.

EUFOR-ALTHEA Contingent commander Daniel Draganovsky explained that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are three connection teams from the OS SR in cooperation with the local authorities. "This year, Bosnia and Herzegovina is waiting for elections to show the country's further course: we try to follow the general situation of whether an ordinary person gets what he has or whether he has problems between nationalities. things our people gather from all over the country and check, "Draganovsky explained.

According to the Minister of Defense, Slovakia currently has missions and operations to 275 professional soldiers. "In Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have in various observers in the Middle East, in Georgia, 152 professional soldiers in Latvia who are in charge of the security of the eastern wing of NATO," added Gajdoš.

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