Spain has brought hundreds of migrants back to Morocco

Spain sent 116 migrants to Morocco who had overcome the fences that separated Morocco from the Spanish North African enclave of Ceuta.

Press agency Reuters reported, referring to a spokesman for the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. Six meters high barbed wire fence has tried to overcome hundreds of migrants118 of them were in the Spanish soil. Migrants were burned with acidic and non-extinguished limestone by seven police officers.

The police identified all these people and provided them with the legal and medical assistance they had received before they started the expulsion process, said a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior. He added that two migrants were allowed to stay in the country because they were young people. The speaker later stated that all migrants were informed that they had the right to apply for asylum in the country, but none of them accepted this offer.

The human rights organization of Amnesty International has criticized this rapid return of migrants to Morocco and said in a statement that in such an acceleration "it is difficult to guarantee an individual approach with all guarantees". The organization has made it clear that in such a short time it is difficult to offer high-quality legal assistance to interpreters and to identify potential asylum seekers.

Border barriers around Ceuta and the other Spanish enclave of Melilla are tried every year to subjugate Sub-Saharan African nationals living illegally in Morocco. Their goal is to travel to the European Union without making a dangerous trip across the Mediterranean.

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