Sulik: Greece is not part of the euro zone, so it would be in trouble

24. 08. 2018

Greece is in recession, its debt burden is threatening, it can take up to 20 years. This country does not belong to the euro area. This is spoken by SaS chairman and MEP Richard Sulík, who would not change his opinion on the Euroval problem for years. For this the government of Iveta Radičová fell when SaS refused to support him.

"When we voted, we made a mistake, we were in the hall and when we left, our coalition partners could believe what we have been repeating for months – that we do not vote for them and that they can also be kept in any other way," TASR Sulik said.

Others would be that SaS MPs would leave the bargaining room. "If I ask if I agree to send money to Greece, my answer" no "has not changed for years," he added.

He points out that Greece is in recession for seven years. "The trade balance of Greece and its debt burden threaten today, when the crisis began, they had a debt of 200 billion euros, today it is 300 billion, and if the EU booming and Greece would not in the euro zone, it would ultimately worry, "Sulik said.

Greece will take it from time to time. "But this can take 20 years, and it will be very difficult for them for 20 years, and I think Greece is not part of the euro zone, but it is too strong." By the time he entered Greece, Greece disturbed data, distorted statistics, he concluded.

Greece successfully completed its last triennial rescue plan, approved in August 2015, on Wednesday (August 20), thereby overcoming the debt crisis. This was announced Monday by the eurozone rescue fund – the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

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