Sulik is the successor to Meciar & # 39; s geopolitical doctrine, Cséfalvay argues

SaS president Richard Sulik, once again known for his strong Eurosceptic vision, has once again started a long discussion about the political field.

Liberal leader in his commentary on on the day before the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops, that Slovakia should not be staged with Russia, not even with the European Union or the VS.

"There are many cowards in Slovakian politics who do not have the power to say NO who does not really want to defend the interests of Slovakia, first of all Slovakia, then hide behind so-called geopolitics," Sulik said.

Will there be tanks in Hainburg?

These words were dealt with by the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Parliament, Katarina Cséfalvay (Most-Hide). In his blog about Denní he compared the SaS boss with the former prime minister and the chairman of the HZDS Vladimír Mečiar.

"For me, Richard Sulik has certainly become a supporter of Vladimir Meciar's geopolitical doctrine, and little is being done today for the policy of Slovak isolationism and other things that Meciar has warmed up for his time," she wrote.

Cséfalvay also pointed out that Sulik had buried the European Union, not even mentioning the possible danger of some steps from the Russian government, such as the occupation of Crimea.

"Instead, the author encourages us to consider whether we, just like the Soviet troops 50 years ago, have ever been surpassed by the bad European Union." Only EU tanks are missing to illustrate this vague parallelepiped, somewhere in the near Hainburg and Kitsee is buried, and Merkel's office in Berlin, "added a coalition member of Most-Hid.

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