Syria is ready for the Russians to accept another million of its refugees

After the restoration of a country supported by Russia, Syria is ready to accept more refugees.

Syria-stricken Syria will be able to accept a million returning refugees after the Moscow-aided renewal of the country takes place. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shog said Tuesday.

"Starting in 2015, when cities and towns were liberated, more than a million people returned home, and now an opportunity has been created for the return of about one million more refugees," said Šojgu quoted by local media.

"Extensive reconstruction work on infrastructure, the reconstruction of transport routes and security points are taking place so that Syria can accept refugees," Tass told journalists, head of the Ministry of Defense.

Russia, long since an ally of Damascus, launched a military intervention in Syria in 2015 to support the besieged regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which has changed the development of this complicated conflict since the spring of 2011.

Millions of refugees

Since then Asad and his allies have regained control over large areas and the government is gradually starting to concentrate on rebuilding the scorched land with the help of Moscow.

Since the outbreak of the conflict – one of the worst since the Second World War – more than half of the Syrian population had to leave their homes, with more than five million people fleeing abroad. Most went to neighboring countries, mainly to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Returned refugees also spoke at their July summit in Helsinki, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his White House Donald Trump colleague. Moscow later announced that Washington has submitted plans to cooperate on the return of refugees to Syria, but details have not yet been confirmed.

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