Taliban captured passengers from three buses, Afghan government forces exempt from most hostages

KABUL, August 20 (WebNoviny.sk) – Afghan government forces liberated 149 people, including women and children, who fought a militant Taliban movement in the north only a few hours earlier. The Ministry of the Interior has informed her that the militants still hold 21 hostages.

The rescue operation, which was confirmed by the Kundus Governor & # 39; s Office, continues. At least seven Taliban hunters have come to live with it.

On Monday militants stopped three buses and took passengers as hostages. It happened despite the fact that President Ashraf Ghani announced a ceasefire on Sunday before the Islamic holiday of ID al-Adha. The insurgents are probably looking for government officials or members of the security forces who usually go on holiday.

Passengers came from the provinces of Badakhshan and Tachar and headed for the capital of Kabul. The Taliban has yet to comment on the abduction, but the area where it happened has recently been given control.

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