The American was given five years in prison because he escaped the secret administration

A woman from the US state of Georgia, who became known for announcing the secret American mass media, sentenced her Thursday to more than five years in prison. The AP news agency reported.

The reality of Winner was condemned by a federal judge in Augusta, Georgia. The penalty of 63 months corresponds to what the Prosecution has requested. She described long-term prison sentences as the longest prison sentence she ever received because of a federal crime involving media leakage.

Winner justifies the court and acknowledges that her behavior was wrong.

This 26-year-old contract partner of the US National Security Agency (NSA) accused last year of copying the secret US government and sending it by e-mail to the media company.

The suspect admitted on 26 June that information on national security was transferred and distributed.

The authorities were unable to publish more detailed information about the escaped document. Winners' arrest was announced on the same day that The Intercept's online news portal reported on NSA's secret report on Russian hackers and the US presidential election in 2016.

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