The archbishop urged the pope to talk about abuse during the visit to Ireland

The pope takes part in the Irish metropolis on the closing days of the World Family Meeting.

A week before the Pope's first visit to Ireland, almost forty years, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, openly dealt with scandals about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Pope František should talk directly about these issues, Martin said on Sunday in Dublin, informs DPA.

The pope takes part in the Irish metropolis on the closing days of the Worldwide Meeting of Families next weekend (25-26 August) on Tuesday, August 21st.

Martin, who for years tried to restore the credibility of the Catholic Church in Ireland after decades of tampering and torturing thousands of victims by priests and rebels and his concealment, paid a visit to the papal Sunday school, writes AP agency

. Franz's journey to Ireland, according to the Archbishop, comes at a time of growing concern about the future of the Church in and outside Ireland. In this context Martin expressed the hope that the pope would openly speak about the "darkness" of the past, but would also give a clear explanation about the future.

Martin said that the number of victims was "immense" and admitted that the scandals had caused "a deep-rooted" "

" It is not enough to only express regret. "Structures that allow or facilitate misuse must be distributed forever", the archbishop

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