The Boris Nemcov square has already been built in Vilnius

Germans killed in the center of Moscow.

24. Aug 2018 o 20:21 TASR

VILNIUS. The square at the Russian embassy in the metropolis Vilnius in Lithuania bears the name of the murdered Russian opposition politician Boris Nemcow from Friday.

After an approval by the city council in Vilnius in May, a table was unveiled Friday with a new sign in the public park, in the presence of the German daughter Zanna and some of her henchmen.

The DPA news agency reported.

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The Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius described the act on one of the social networks as an important gesture towards the Germans and all those who are engaged in an open and democratic Russia.

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The renamed rebellious grassland has raised the criticism of the Russian Federation that it is a politically motivated move.

According to the Russian ambassador in Vilnius, Alexander Udaľcova, Lithuania is "ape" to Washington, where in February they designated the Nemcova Street that led the construction of the Russian embassy.

Boris Nemcov was assassinated on 27 February 2015 in the center of Moscow. The man who served as deputy prime minister during the reign of former Russian President Boris Jeľcina, and who for some time spoke as a possible successor to Jeľcin, did not become one of the sharp critics of the present Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Five guilty suspects of Chechen origin have condemned this apparently murderous murder for unconditional sentences of between 11 and 20 years in prison. Could not identify the customers of the crime.

However, political relatives and supporters are convinced that the order to commit the crime comes from the "highest places".

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