The cause of the crippled is still running water: Britain is asking the US for new sanctions against Russia

Hunt will perform at the USIP Institute in Washington on Tuesday. According to the head of British diplomacy, Russian foreign policy during the reign of President Vladimir Putin has "made the world a more dangerous place".

The AP recalls that the government of Trump earlier this month announced new export restrictions for Russia in connection with the case of the poisoning of Scorpio and his daughter Julie in the UK. This step was the last in a series of US sanctions against Russia for human rights violations, interference in US elections and military aggression in Ukraine and Syria.

The former Russian espionage leader Crippel and his daughter Julia became the target of an attack in Britain in March, according to the researchers, a nervous-paralytic substance of novices that was developed in the 70s and 80s of the previous Soviet Union. London is responsible for this poisoning of Moscow, but the other party decides to refuse it. In Britain, two British citizens later poisoned the same substance without any connection with Russia.

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