The Czech Minister of Home Affairs grew up in Okamur, he has to refute his mistakes

Tomio Okamura, according to Hamas, is chasing people with migrants and trying to achieve political benefits.

23. August 2018 at 7:40 pm SITA

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Prague. Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Jan Hamacek (CSSD) has complained that SPD leader Tomio Okamura expands the defamation, which he must then refute.

Okamura, in his words about migrants, scares people and tries to gain political advantage for himself.

According to Hamas, it is not true that thousands of illegal migrants are spread all over the Czech Republic, says

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"Unfortunately, it has become the rule that I have to challenge the momentum of Okamur now and again to scare people and gain political advantage," Hamacek told his Facebook.

He worries that Okamura is claiming that thousands of illegal migrants are spreading across the Czech Republic crossing our territory to Germany.

According to Hamas, this reduces the work of the entire police force.

"The cases of illegal transit migration through the Czech Republic to Germany were not in the first millennium of this year, but exactly 124! And thanks to the great work and measures of the Czech police, Mr. Okamura also forgets to add that the majority of the foreigners who illegally cross our border to Germany citizens are Ukraine or Moldova, "said Hamacek.

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