The driver who survived the fall of the bridge in Genoa, Italy, was released from the hospital

Czech driver transferred from Jan to Prague.

The Czech driver, who survived the collapse of the bridge in the Italian city of Genoa, was removed from the hospital on Wednesday. On Tuesday he transferred from Janova to the Thomayer hospital in Prague. The news server has reported.

Martin Kučera said at a press conference that she feels good. He described his survival as a fortune and a race of happy circumstances.

"I am completely cool after I survived," Kucer replied a question about his health. The whole situation was very fast.

Psychic is doing well with her

"The road was raining, a wound sounded and everything collapsed, I said I was dying, so I wished it was fast, my thoughts drifted in my mind a few seconds," Kučera said.

Kuceru brought the ambulance to the Czech Republic on Tuesday night. The Thomayer hospital in Prague underwent further research. Václav Zázvůrek, director of Sped-it, for which Kučera works, said that the health of the driver has improved considerably and can now be relocated. "He's just a little sick and limited to broken ribs, but he's mentally good," Zázvůrek said.

The Czech coachman freight fell from the Morandi Bridge in Janov last Tuesday after part of the bridge collapsed. 43 people died in the accident. The ground fell from a height of 45 meters. The curse of the tragedy was broken with nasal fractures and four ribs and pierced lungs. All the while since moving to the Italian hospital, he was in a stabilized state and able to communicate.

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