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The European Commission is preparing regulations to ensure that social networks consistently remove extremist and terrorist content. From the reporting time they have an hour to remove it.

Terrorism and extremism have nothing to look for on social networks.
The European Commission is therefore preparing new social legislation
networks that are ordered to arrive within one hour after removing extremist content
reporting. If they did not remove the content, they would get a fine.

Extremist messages must disappear within one hour of reporting

New regulations should affect social networks such as Twitter,
Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, a network that people publish
instant messages and share a wide range of content. The European Union would do that
in this way become a policeman and control and eliminate the content
she has not only taken the distance. So far, the burden of control and strict control has been achieved
axles in full operating direction.

According to a martial study that the European Union has made, that is true
terrorist content less harmful within hours
publication. That is why the Commission is calling for a new whip, which is intended to
internet company to appeal. It does not matter whether the social network is
big, or has only thousands of users. The rules should be for her
also pay, and if they do not, they are threatened with sanctions
height is not yet known.

The spread of extremism, however, is increasing and increasing
The European Commission does not seem effective. Regulation has more to do with companies
pressure to control the content more strictly and respond more strictly.
European Commissioner for Security, Julian King, for The Financial Times
said that the European Union "would take more steps to protect ours
citizens. "If the European Commission would approve the regulation sooner
will come into effect, it will have to be taken away by MEPs
Parliament and the overwhelming majority of Member States.

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