The exchange rate of the euro has risen to 1.1658 USD / EUR | Article articles

Frankfurt am Main, 27 August (TASR) – The common European exchange rate grew at the beginning of the week. The euro was sold at 1.1658 USD late Monday afternoon, and the exchange rate fell to less than 1.16 USD / EUR in the morning.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has set a benchmark price of 1.1633 on Monday (USD 1.1588 on Friday). This means that the dollar cost 0.8856 (0.8630) euro.

The common European menu has supported the report of good humor in the German economy. The index of business confidence of Ifo rose sharply in August, which was a positive surprise. According to the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg & # 39; s chief economist Uwe Burkert, the Landesbank, the index in month-to-month comparison has increased most recently in December 2014, which in his view removed concerns about the slowdown in the largest European economy.

Ifo's index of business confidence rose to 103.8 points in August from 101.7 points in July, with analysts expecting an increase to just 101.9 points.

The Turkish lira was again under strong pressure, weakened against the dollar and the euro on Monday. The Turkish currency fell 5% against the dollar and traded at the rate of 6.2960 TRY / USD.

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